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Pedigree :

Zirocco Blue  Mr Blue (preferent) 
Licorne des Fortes 
Ghodorette-W  Cardento 
Codorette-W (sport-spr, prok) 
KWPN Verrichtingsonderzoek
The impressive grey stallion Nyrocco was approved by the KWPN with a great score of 81 points, making him already the 9th KWPN approved son of the ‘Preferent’ awarded Zirocco Blue VDL. Nyrocco convinced with his consistent performances throughout the KWPN Performance Test and scored an 8 for all jumping parts and even an 8.5 for reflexes.

Sire Zirocco Blue VDL was among world’s best ridden by Jur Vrieling and contributed to the gold medal of the Dutch team at the European Championships in Aachen in 2015. Individually, Vrieling and Zirocco Blue VDL finished fifth at that championship and furthermore, Zirocco Blue VDL won the World Cup in Oslo and the Grand Prix competitions in Geesteren, Copenhagen and Vestfold twice. With offspring like Eddie Blue, Zilton SL Z, Laurier, Fliere Fluiter, Flair, El Rocco and Jet Blue, Zirocco Blue VDL produces Grand Prix horse after Grand Prix horse and almost fifty of his sons are approved at various studbooks.

Nyrocco’s grandsire Cardento is one of the greats in sport and breeding; with Sweden’s Peter Eriksson, Cardento won no less than three silver team medals. As a breeding stallion, Cardento first put Swedish showjumping breeding on the world map and then became one of the most valuable stallions worldwide. Grand Slam VDL, Kilkenny, C-Vier and Catch Me Not are currently among the very best showjumpers in the world. With Harley VDL, Indoctro and Nimmerdor in a row, the pedigree of Nyrocco is an accumulation of the leading stallions of VDL Stud.
Via dam Ghodorette-W the pedigree of Nyrocco goes back to Lilly BH - a mare who was successful at international level with Great-Britain’s Darby Ward. Great-granddam Vodorette-W produced several other international showjumpers and the Nimmerdor mare Odorette-W produced, among others, the CCI4* eventing horse Fearless W, ridden by Nicole Mills. Nyrocco’s family also produced 1.60m showjumpers such as Lou Lou HT ridden by René Tebbel and Vladimir Tuganov, Amici de Guldenboom ridden by Olivier Philippaerts and Raimond W ridden by Leslie Burr-Howard.


Nyrocco is a striking stallion who scored 81 points in the KWPN Performance test. His reflexes in particular caught the eye of the KWPN Selection Committee and Nyrocco earned an 8.5. Nyrocco received an 8.0 for all other jumping parts.
Walk Trot Posture & Balance Canter (2x) Reflexes (2x) Technique (2x) Power Rideability Attitude Talent as showjumper Total
7.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 8 8 8 8 8 81

Nyrocco: an accumulation of the best VDL genes


KWPN Verrichtingsonderzoek
KWPN Verrichtingsonderzoek
Zirocco Blue  Mr Blue (preferent)  Couperus  Naturtel 
Acarla (ster, prestatie)  Oldenburg 
Licorne des Fortes  Voltaire (preferent)  Furioso II 
Gogo Moeve 
Gekas des Fortes  Le tot de Semilly 
Rapsodie II 
Ghodorette-W  Cardento  Capitol I  Capitano 
B-Estelle  Lord 
Codorette-W (sport-spr, prok)  Harley VDL (preferent)  Heartbreaker 
Vodorette-W (prok)  Indoctro 

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